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Dave Beecher

Dave Beecher

Dave grew up on his Grandmother's dairy farm in Co. Cork, Ireland, which later became a suckler herd. After a career in structural engineering, spanning Ireland, Australia and Canada, he spent a year working in International Disaster Relief during which he realised that he wanted to address the issues at a causal rather than symptomatic level so he returned to Ireland to immerse himself back in agriculture, but taking a regenerative approach to mitigate both carbon emissions and the impact of climate change as well as addressing general human and environmental health.

After the International Permaculture Convergence in London, he got in touch with us (RegenAg UK) to attend a one-day 'Regenerative Agriculture Start-Up' day at Landews Meadow Farm, and from there continued to attend the courses we were running, deciding after the first 'Stewarding Your Soil' course that he would immerse himself in all things soil.

Since then he has studied with/worked alongside Zach Wright, completed Hugh Lovell's advanced course, and the 5-day course with Jairo Restrepo at Ragman's Lane Farm (Biofertilisers and a lot more), is just completing a year long course with Jim Cronin in Market Gardening, plus Elaine Ingham's 'Life in the Soil' course, and naturally has explored much other related material too.

Whilst he hasn't yet integrated his study into long-term implementation, Dave is working with farmers in Ireland to establish what might reasonably be called monitor farms and is available to share the understanding he has gleaned from his study so far, in particular including the making of good compost, compost teas and compost extract and basic soil microscopy, introducing folk to the 'Soil Food Web'.

What people say about Dave's workshops and presentations:

"It is no exaggeration to say that yesterday was the beginning of the biggest changes on my family's farm since we converted to organic. Your presentation was inspiring. My view of not only what I feed the soil and my cows, but also my family has been transformed."

"I found your presentation dynamic, engaging and informative. I think everyone in the room really benefitted from it."

"Thanks for such a well put together talk that both educated and entertained."

"It is another piece in the jigsaw which makes the picture that bit clearer."

"This chap is the business. Makes soil biology interesting and organic fertility practical plus easy to understand"