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We would love to deliver courses across a wider area of the UK (and ROI...), but one of our limitations is identifying suitable venues.  If you can help us with this then please do - and thank you!  (Just drop me an email via the contact form)

The universal qualities we look for are:

- warm, comfortable surroundings with plenty of space
- appropriate catering options (either adequate kitchen facilities for us to bring in our own catering or catering available which is of appropriate standard and price (our maximum budget is £15 a head including refreshments throughout the day); as part of our ethos we aim to feed and water participants with high quality produce in ample quantities - we don't need or seek 'frilly' but active people have healthy appetites so we need 'farmer-sized portions', and given what we're about, as a minimum we aim to use pasture-fed meat and organic vegetables - ideally 'regenerative' milk too - with produce often sourced from within the network)
- reliable high quality audio visual facilities (including a large enough screen for all participants to view clearly)
- good accessibility; participants tend to travel from far afield (including other countries), and they often have to squeeze events in to as short a time frame as possible so we need to minimise the time it takes them to find the venue whether that be by car, from the nearest railway station, bus or liftshare
- ample parking
- reasonably priced accommodation locally (for both staff and participants)
- good value daily rate for the venue; we aim to make our events as affordable as possible and one of the ways we achieve this is by using venues which are either relatively cheap, or where we e.g. exchange staff attendance at the event for use of the facilities.

There are two main types of venue we need too:

Venues for lecture-style events

These need to be central to a large geographical area and especially easily accessible, and cater for a larger number of people (at the last such event with Joel Williams we had 60 participants in attendance; I'd like to be able to take more than this next season).  We don't tend to need an attached farm for lecture-style events in the same way that we often do with workshops/courses.

Venues for smaller groups engaging in workshop events

Workshop events can be one-day or multi-day but in either case there is usually groupwork and a key focus is building networks, so it is helpful to have a diversity of spaces, or sufficient space in a main hall for groups to separate out into different corners etc.

With multi-day events we tend to remain together in the evenings when possible, further building relationships (and minimising costs) by preparing and sharing a meal together as well as sharing our own experiences, knowledge and resources - so it is helpful to have catering facilities which make this easy, either at the venue or attached to group accommodation.

Depending on the subject matter, it is often necessary to either base these events at associated farms (where there is a commitment to the regenerative ethos and particular aspect under study), or have such a farm within easy striking distance.