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Kirk Gadzia

Kirk GadziaKirk Gadzia of Resource Management Services is the foremost Holistic Management (HM) Certified Educator in the world. With over 25 years experience in the field across 6 continents, Kirk has worked closely with HM founder Allan Savory and is an associate of the Savory Institute and a Certified Educator with Holistic Management International. Kirk has formal qualifications in Rangeland Management and has co-authored several books, the most notable being 'Bullseye! Targeting you Rangeland Health Objectives', which land managers around the world use as a primary resource. Kirk is a thorough and engaging trainer and together with his wife Tamara Gadzia, Publications Director of the Quivira Coalition and an experienced landscape restorationalist, makes HM easy.

Kirk delivers our Holistic Management courses, and is supporting Rob, who will be partnering with him this autumn, in his professional Holistic Management training (this will mean that we also have a 'home-grown' trainer, with plenty of context specific knowledge and experience).

Kirk's website: http://www.rmsgadzia.com