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Jane Wallwork-Gush

Jane Wallwork Gush

Being qualified in Medicinal Herbs, Clinical Herbalism and Aromatherapy, Jane is constantly excited by the possibilities offered by plants, be it creating new blends or discovering ground-breaking formulae to treat old problems. She has been working with plants to maintain the health of the animals she cares for with her partner on an organic beef farm in Somerset and is keen to share this knowledge and experience with others.

Jane studied anthropology in Oxford and was introduced to the food, medicines and rituals of other cultures and how they use plant medicine for health and healing. This built upon her early experiences with her Grandmother who introduced her to foraging for wild food. She also studied British herbal traditions and the healing power of native Celtic plants, in turn leading to the creation of her own range of skin care products using herbs, oils and floral waters.

At present, Jane works mainly in the West Country for a successful Herb Company and oversees the production of herbal medicines and macerated oils. Making herbal preparations requires skill, knowledge and of course a little alchemy! Her workshops are designed to keep these practical skills alive and maintain the tradition passing the knowledge down through the generations.  Jane is delivering a workshop on Animal Herbal Medicine for us.

For Jane's professional profile at Organic Herb Trading, please click here, and if you go to the 'News' section of the site you will be able to find the articles she writes for them too.  You may also have seen her on Countryfile last Autumn - but we're having problems getting hold of the recording; it will be available here as soon as possible!